News Story: NSW Uranium laws subject to change

Many believe it is now just a matter of time before the bans on mining and exportation of Uranium are overturned, despite the slow uptake of NSW Uraniam exploration laws.

Miss Kerry Laws of Uranium Free NSW, says that once further exploration takes place into the benefits of uranium as a renewable resource, changes to NSW policies will soon follow.

Last year the State government invited six companies to apply for exploration licences for deposits around Cobar, Dubbo and Broken Hill. However only one of the six invited, EJ Resources, have done so.

Most put this result down to the fact that the ban on mining in NSW remains. Making it difficult for companies to raise the necessary capital to fund exploration.

Resources Minister Anthony Roberts says the state needs to identify whether there is commercial quantities of Uranium before it can consider lifting the ban.

“I don’t know whether we’ve got any commercial levels of Uranium, and thats a major issue.”

The Minister said the government will extend its invitation to more companies as it’s really in “our great benefit that we allow exploration to begin in New South Wales”.

Miss Laws believes that once these invitations are extended and more are accepted, that exploration will take place and then the lifting of the mining ban will follow, having great consequences to our country and it’s environment.

She says Uranium Free NSW are “opposed to any development in the nuclear industry” due to risks in its transportation, construction of plants and the use of its waste product in nuclear arms.

Miss Laws says there are many other viable renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and Biothermal technology which should be considered before Nuclear energy.

“We hope to phase out the fossil fuel industry, but we shouldn’t be looking to nuclear to replace it.”

However Ian Hore-Lacy, senior Research Analyst of the World Nuclear Association, believes nuclear power is the most reliable, economic and clean form of energy. He says that the Australian public does not have a well formed view on Nuclear and rely on coal because we have such an abundance of it in our land.

He stated that if Australia has any real plans to take green house emissions seriously, that nuclear power is the only viable long term solution.

“We cant possibly generate continuous reliable supply of electricity on any scale from the renewables, it can’t be done”.


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